Thursday, October 2, 2014

Survivor and shoulders

I love Survivor. I am truly a fan, and have watched almost every season. I was mortified to discover it has been running  20 years...certainly does not seem that long. There is something about reality tv. I know its mainly editing and I know they do a little "stirring" out there, which means they up the drama, but Im glued to my set (and I dont like TV anymore) every wed night. I look forward to it all week.
Back when it started, it was one of the first and one of the few shows that offered a million dollar reward. Today a million dollars does not sound like enough money to endure all the bug bites, rashes,  hunger and rain.  But now it seems like people come on to play, and challenge themselves to their physical limits.All the plotting and scheming also now with all knowledge of immunity idols, flint for fire, sharing of clues and info...almost its own little
 This year, "blood vs Water"  has gotten me a little bothered. Pitting family against each other...for ratings and  uncomfortable moments of shame. But Im still of my guilty pleasures I guess. It is a least a little better than brains, brawn and beauty. That format was a  offensive.

Last night, big Burly John Rocker (ex baseball player) goes up against his gorgeous big titted girlfriend in a challenge that required balancing a ball on a plate while walking through an obstacle course.
She is smaller so she had that advantage BUT every time Rocker had to lower his body to pass under a bar, he would raise his shoulders, and therefore drop the ball. He dropped it three times while his girlfriend went straight through.
She has a body to die for, so Im sure she does some sort of core work, and it showed. With great body stability and control, she could move herself  under bars and over stairs while keeping her arm completely still.

You could see the frustration on the big athletes face as he seemed dumbfounded of why he could not steady his arm under that bar... he seemed to maneuver the first part fine..and then  whoops...
 She won the challenge easily, and when Jeff Probst  asked was she surprised, she said yes. He was always more able to do things than her. Evan she did not know how physically disconnected her man really was.
It is what is wrong with BIG MUSCLE FITNESS. It is about a professional athlete NOT knowing how to MOVE his body with control or awareness.

It is time to see fitness and strength training as conveyors of life movement and ability, not a hindrance.
Please be mindful of ALL your movements, and be gentle on the joints.
Im going to be interested to see if this big guy sticks around. Many challenges on Survivor are about Brut strength, but many are about finesse. He has none.
 It was also revealed last night why this guy is NOT playing baseball anymore, (cuz he said something stupid) and so he is not looking like such a good guy. I think his days are numbered.

 Life should be functionally easy, meaning your body should carry you into your later years with grace and joy.
Put the big weights down. Big muscles sink in the pool. Stop watching yourself in the gym and feel something.
Your body will thank you.
And so will I.

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