Friday, July 12, 2013

Diet Soda

Yesterday I posted on FB that some one has finally done the dirty work of calling out soda.
Not just soda (which is so incredibly bad for ALL PARTS OF YOU,) but diet soda.

I was a fat child and adolescent and ADULT. I was raised on that stuff. Pepsi Light, and Tab and fresca were ALWAYS available. It was the ONE THING I was allowed to consume with impunity.
My mother would line the fridge door with a million flavors of Shasta diet Soda. Diet Tiki Punch and diet root beer, diet orange and grape and strawberry..seriously I remember at least 13 different flavors. SO I drank that stuff. ALOT

We know now that the sweeteners they PUT in there to make it taste good are #1 bad for your entire digestive track, starting with your TEETH, and ending at your liver. #2 they do nothing to decrease hunger because the gas creates a bloat in your tummy (which will make you eat more LATER!!)
#3 they bloat you so on a physical level, so they don't help there either. #4 If you drink more than 2 cans of that crap a day, if you live on it, like many dieter's BELIEVE they can and should, it will create havoc inside of you, and it doesn't  help you be healthy!!!

 Being Healthy is all that matters. Drink Water. Ask any medical professional today, and I bet  they will agree.

We are in love with SODA here in AMERICA. It seemed so harmless, and safe once.
I see parents giving it to their kids and I wince. Sorry, gotta be honest. My children were allowed one a day. Until they all quit!!

I was lucky enough to convince them all (my once family of a husband and two boys)  to drink seltzer and juice. A personal victory on my part.

Be mindful of what you put in your body, because it matters.

Because you matter. 7/12/13

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