Saturday, July 13, 2013

how to blog with a brain like mine

So I blogged for the first time... Yesterday.
 How did I do?
 I thought I took a harsh tone on opening day, but at least the message was clear.
 I certainly hope that I upset no one with my condemnation of SODA. Just my opinion based on years of study (by myself and others) but I know I cant go after Big soda just yet.

I can wait. You all can drink that stuff for awhile yet.

I cant promise these are all going to be pearls. I do this in order to get my voice out there, as it is the new TV, right?

I myself, am incredibly OUT of the whole internet thing. I should really take a class or something. I have  little knowledge of the actual functioning of my own computer, let alone the whole giant universe of cyberspace. I was lucky enough to find myself usually dating a techie or two to help me maneuver thru whatever I was trying to accomplish. My ex husband was a computer savant.

Yesterday as I joyfully posted my announcement on FB to follow me, I had NO IDEA of how to tell people  how to do that!! Its all paint by numbers to me, and my frustration as I bang on my keyboard sometimes comes without warning.

Patience at my own level of not understanding is the last place on the block that I wander, but its where I need to go. Trying to learn anything new is difficult later in life. I have to accept that my brain likes to KNOW IT ALL and as soon as it get confused, it shuts down like a child. I have to work at that.

 If your brain feels threatened at all, you have to talk it into things. You have to allow it to find its own way sometimes.
DO NOT yell at yourself or be demanding. The messages we send to ourselves are important because they tell us how to live, yes? There is no need to be a tyrant on yourself.
Try to be gentle in your brain. Take it easier on yourself. Smile on the inside.

 Everyday, Im as good as I am. Period.

Today I am grateful for that.

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