Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You are not Hamburger

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a client about the brain, gravity and the body.
We had just finished running the series at the gym, and were watching people work out around us.

We were watching this guy do handstands. Now, every day this guy does handstands in the workout room, but he does not engage his core once he is inverted, so he can only find a zone (I know it well) where his body lines up with gravity and he can balance there...all day if he wants, as long as he doesn't breath.

I was a gymnast way back when, so I know that spot..I used to find it myself...and then I would walk on my hands forward so I COULD breathe.... its very difficult to hold that balance zone with ANY movement in the torso so I moved to maintain. In competitive gymnastics, you need only sustain a handstand for about 4 seconds.

Yesterday, he was doing handstands on a push up bar. Those things look like two handles that you put onto the floor, so that instead of your hands being flat, you are elevated about two inches, holding onto these handles instead.

my student commented on how it was better alignment on the wrist, there for a better way to execute the handstand.
But in this position, his stability..ALL COMING from balancing on his hands is now gone...because he is gripping a bar, he has to stabilize from SOME WHERE ELSE..but he doesn't engage his core for the flat handed ones, so he wont do that now..so now he is putting CRAZY strain on his wrist's.

People, we are ruining our hands with computer devices, and probably our wrists with driving and life..do not put strain on your wrist..
THERE IS NO MUSCLE OR FAT TISSUE there. Just delicate capilaries, veins, tendons and nerve receptors. wrapped in skin.
 And because he was elevated off the floor, he was was a little more apprehensive. I could see it. He DID not feel safe on those bars like he did on the floor, so his fear increased his LACK of stability..

We have to think about how the brain ALLOWS the body to do its thing!! It is NOT the other way around...Gravity WORKS..to keep you on the ground..so just try to think that your brain works in a very simplistic way as well...to keep you alive..and if it senses danger, it DONT LIKEY.

YOU are NOT hamburger, so don't treat yourself like that.

Stop pounding on your body, treat it with respect, and know your muscles, tendons and joints need to function well into your 60's and 70's.

I want to walk til I drop dead at 106..so I need to take care of my body.

Be gentle with you, cuz you is the only "you" that you got!!

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