Monday, July 22, 2013

High School Re-unions

Why do we go? How did this American custom start? WHere is the attraction?

I will tell you.. its about who got fat and got thin. Its about who got rich and who got broke.. Its about who got sane and who got serene, and also who got batshit crazy off the rails.

Its also about seeing people that saw you at your worst and at your best. Its about all the patterns and sociality that are set at that time in our lives. Its about how we felt, just about to venture off into the world for a new exciting life. And the energy that forms when you connect with people who are like minded. There was serious connection in that room Saturday!!

In todays day and age we should do that more. Connect!

On a personal note, there were some of my favorite people in that room. People that helped shape me as a human being.

People in that room were my family as my own family were not. People in that room took care of me when I thought I had nothing.

And we took care of each other during that crazy winter when Jonestown, Milk and Moscone and then John Lennon happened. 

I was busy putting together this blog in my head, and I was going to share all the best remarks of the evening. But you would miss the context, and the subtlety, so I will keep those to myself.

I will, however, fully and publicly disclose that YES I had 5 cigerettes on the porch that night. I was enjoying myself , but I was a nervous wreck. I don't smoke ( although I used too), but I guess I do under duress. And Im a health professional.

To all I was a bad influence on, I do not apologize.. I was only doing what I do best. Enjoying myself, and every one is welcome  on the happy bus with me! Im a grown up now...

and it was ME, what did you expect?

I salute us all, the class of  *! ...we all looked amazing and happy that night. People  secure and happy with themselves. People who set out to do stuff, and DID!!

May the next party be just as glorious!

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